Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Media Card Fairy...

Dear Media Card Fairy,

Thank you! I must admit that, up until this morning, I wasn't sure that you actually existed. I had heard tales of BlackBerry users who had pulled connection cords too early, screwed up their media storage device, and, after invoking your assistance, found that their beloved pictures, ringtones, voicenotes, and the like were returned in pristine condition.

But it had been six whole days, Media Card Fairy. I was beginning to get worried! I couldn't take pictures, my ringtones were annoying and tinny, and I felt like a Grade A technology schmuck. On day four, with a generic meadow scene as my home screen instead of my favorite picture of my favorite person, I was ready to give up all hope. It was only my characteristic procrastination that kept me from reformatting the card on my computer and starting all over again. And thank goodness for that.

This morning, I pulled my treasured cell phone from underneath my pillow to answer a call and, upon hanging up, noticed an adorable face grinning back up at me. Could it be? I hurriedly scrolled over the my media folder and, behold! Embarrassing pictures of my boyfriend, unnecessary shots of my newly painted toes, radio quality ringtones, and voicenotes of me singing Maxwell songs to myself in the car. Everything was there!

So, thank you, kind Media Card Fairy. Never again will I doubt your benevolence. But, from now on, I will disconnect my device correctly from my computer, just in case.

Love, Ophelia

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  1. Nice. I just recovered my SD card from my old smartphone, and found out that there was a he "larger chip" was just an adapter tiny chip inside of the larger chip compatible with my Blackberry. I just recovered all kinds of old media, include voice memos of beatboxing and ridiculous song ideas. Not to mention embarrassing videos of some fellow speechies.