Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Readers...

Dear Readers,

Thank you! I'm so excited that people are reading and giving me feedback on the blog! Y'all are just great :)

I'm really going to do my best to have the Daily Dear... actually be ::gasp:: daily, so I'll be archiving the older ones under the Daily Dear page that you can access from the nav-bar right about the regular posts.

Also, now that I've been visited by the Media Card Fairy I'll be able to take and post random pictures that inspire my letters so that we can all share in my crazy together! Fun, eh?

Take care, and keep reading! Heck, tell your friends. And you enemies. And your mama'n'dem!

Love, Ophelia

P.S. You see those lovely links in the right column of the page?! Those are a few blogs that I've worked on lately belonging to some great NOLA musicians that I've been fortunate enough to become friends with. Suave has a great new project out - The Hip Hop Soul Revival - and I suggest that, even if you don't normally consider yourself a Hip-Hop fan, you check it out. Honestly, the music defies categorization and it's usually what I'm bumpin' when I post! Thank me later...

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